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Government funded Kindergarten Service is available.

Kellbourne Child Care
We are open every week of the year.

Kellbourne Child Care

Baby Room

Babies are in a very delicate period of their life; physically, emotionally and developmentally. We at Kellbourne Heights understand this and work to foster a nourishing development of our children. We achieve this through providing special attention to this segment of our pupils, who age between 6 weeks to 2 year, in order to nurture them for the next years of their life.

Toddler Room

The toddlers are given intimate attention and personal care. The parents of our children have the peace of mind that their little ones are in safe hands and being looked after immaculately. In this room, the children, between 2 and 3 years of age, indulge in learning and play. They are taught the basics of language through nursery rhymes and games which enable them to grasp skills while having fun!

Kellbourne Child Care
Kellbourne Child Care

Pre-Kinder Room

Pre-kinder is a bridging ground between the baby room and kindergarten, where 3 to 4-year old’sare challenged, allowing their minds to be developed for kindergarten! Our focused programme employs creative strategies through which our pre-kinder programme delivers excellent learning for our children.


Kindergarten is the first step in a child’s education. It sets the fundamentals on which all proceeding years will be built. We understand the importance of delivering an effective kinder programme, for children over the age of 4 years, and also aim to identify the learning habits of our children, individually. This allows us to be one step ahead, enriching every child individually with our government funded kinder programme.

Kellbourne Child Care

Before and After School Care

At our centre Before School Care is the perfect wake up call for early risers. Children are provided with a healthy breakfast and given the opportunity to participate in activities and team games.
After School Care is always jam-packed with activities that are planned ahead by the Team Leader. Each session is based on a structured theme or activity which is tailored to each child of the program under the Government’s My Time Our Place Framework. Themes and activities are based around arts and crafts, cooking, sports, science and team games. A complimentary healthy afternoon tea is also served to keep those tummies happy!

Vacation Care

Make your children’s holidays fun and join our Vacation Care Program. We design each program with a wide variety of activities including excursions out of the centre to ensure children are engaged and active within the community and exploring the world around them. In the centre we provide activities such as art and crafts, games, sports, music, cooking, theme days and imaginative play.
The Vacation Care Program is open to all primary school students and runs from 6.30AM to 6.30PM Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) every school holidays.

Kellbourne Child Care


Kellbourne Heights Kindergarten and Child Care Centre provides fresh, nutritious and healthy meals on campus to our pupils. We have a dedicated member of our staff who works to meet every dietary requirement.

We Serve All Dietary and Special Food Requirements! Ours is nut and egg free environment and we also bake eggless cake in our kitchen to celebrate the birthdays of our children.

Kellbourne Child Care

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